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March 8, 2009

Twilight rant

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Most of the time I don’t hop on the “whatever’s hot” in pop culture bandwagon, but I must admit I harbor quite a fondness for the Twilight series.  Even though it’s written on a young adult level, I enjoyed it thoroughly at age 25.  Don’t get me wrong, I love five page descriptions of a blade of grass as much as the next girl, but sometimes, I’m in the mood for a light and fluffy fantasy.  Twilight offers just that.  Yes, it’s about vampires and werewolves so there is a hint of a morbid atmosphere, but it’s most definitely not Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  This is where my rant begins.

Nowhere in the previews of the books or the movie does it promise to hold true to the original vampire folklore.  The protagonist vampires feed on animals instead of humans, and while sunlight doesn’t kill them, they still must avoid it because their skin sparkles like diamonds which would draw attention to them.  Most people are turned off by the books and the film on that basis alone.  I have no problem with that, but stop bitching about how the vampires don’t fit the traditional vampire bill.  I’ve seen plenty of films which feature the vampire as a blood thirsty killer with no regard for humanity.  Sure, those are fun too, but the fact that Twilight doesn’t follow that model doesn’t automatically make it a piece of garbage.

Not only that, but even movies in which vampires fit into the traditional mold do have an element of seduction and dark romance.  I had someone try to tell me the other day that romance doesn’t belong in vampire films.  Um….since when?!  Yes, they’re killers, but they use seduction and romance to trap their prey.

Basically, if you’re going to watch the film or read the books, enjoy it for what it is.  Don’t expect brutal, sadistic killings.  Don’t expect an inhuman creature who uses others for the sole purpose of feeding.  In fact, don’t expect anything.  Just read the books or watch the movie.  I think people would be more pleased overall if they watched movies or read books with that attitude.


  1. I’m rather sick of people arguing this as well. I’m sick of the complaints about Stephenie Meyer removing the vampires’ bite, so to speak. So what? I always ask. Every vampire author keeps somethings and changes other. Everyone puts their own spin on it. If they don’t they’d be accused of being derivative hacks.

    What the people who are saying that Stephenie Meyer’s vampires aren’t really vampires are missing is that how vampires are portrayed largely depends on whether they are the protagonist or the antagonist. Anne Rice is the best example. Louis is the hero of Interview with the Vampire. He’s reluctant and guilt-ridden. He feeds off the blood of rats and chickens for as long as he can before succumbing to what he is, and even then he feels guilt. If he’s just a cold-blooded killer from the word go, he could not be a hero in our eyes. Few readers would feel any connection to him. Lestat was the bad guy in this one. As far as Louis knew he was a cold-blooded killer from the word go. Louis described how many Lestat would kill and what his preferrences were. In The Vampire Lestat we get Lestat’s point of view and find that Louis had a great deal of it wrong. Lestat was a stronger vampire. He could read thoughts. When it appeared to Louis that Lestat preferred pretty young fops for his first meal of the night what he didn’t understand was that Lestat liked corrupt, lying, cheating, pretty young fops. Lestat becomes the hero because we now know exactly how he feels about his kills.

    It’s only when vampires are the bad guys that they are portrayed as demons and fiends, albeit sometimes seductive ones if the storyline includes seducing one’s prey into volunteering.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit — March 8, 2009 @ 9:11 pm

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  3. Yeah, good point about the type of vampire corresponding with the protagonist and antagonist point of view. I mean, Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows definitely springs to mind as a reluctant vampire, and that series was wildly successful. I would think movie-goers would long for something different with all the “one-trick ponies” being dragged from their stalls over and over and advertised as something completely new.

    Comment by supernaturalseductress — March 8, 2009 @ 10:50 pm

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